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3 Steps To Manifest Anything You Want 
(it's not what you think)

I want to share with you the 3 practices I do daily that help me manifest the right way. The kind of manifesting that HEALS your mind which heals your life.

I use these steps daily because frankly if I didn’t, I would drop back into depression and darkness. Tequila would be my best friend, and I would be another American who starts their day by staring at their phone, downing a donut and 3 cups of coffee for breakfast, before commuting to my desk job where I proceed to sit in a 6 by 6 cubical from hell, eating my plain chicken and broccoli for lunch, and listening to Karen bitch about the man that hasn’t texted her back.

Then at 5 pm I’d clock out, head home, warm up my Lean Cuisine, park my ass on the couch, and proceed to drink a bottle of wine and watch Olivia Pope do her thannggg while I die from jealousy.

Instead of living life, I would be numbing it.

I don’t want that for you.

These are the top three practices that I’ve used to heal the demons and depression that want to live in my mind. I've suffered from depression and anger for a long time, and it is thanks to this HEALING manifesting routine that I live a life of color. I get up in the morning and I don’t want to kill myself. I wake up in the morning happy instead of depressed and miserable, wishing the day was over and wondering if it’s okay to mix Kahlua and Vicodin in my coffee.  

Now that I’ve written quite the introduction, let’s get to the FUN part! Let me share with you the 3 practices I do daily to help me live my dream life. (p.s.to be honest, I don’t do this routine daily, but I do at least 5 days a week. On Saturday mornings, my daughter and I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Parks and Recreation for a couple of hours and on Sundays we brunch!)

Practice One: Prayer

Just like the word “God” a lot of people have baggage with the word prayer. Prayer doesn’t mean organized religion only. No. Prayer is a universal POWERFUL tool that connects us with our own version of God, so we can HEAL THE SHIT IN OUR MIND that holds us back, and live the kind of life we truly want.  

Prayer is the medium of miracles. It is a means of communication of the created-which is you- with the Creator-which is whatever you call your Higher Power-and through prayer, guidance, wisdom, love, peace, joy, and miracles are received.

We all have fears and limiting beliefs that freak us out and mess up our lives. We worry about getting laid off, about our weight, about conceiving a baby, about paying our bills, about finding our calling, about the divorce hearing, about our health, we worry about our kids, a family member that is having a hard time, we worry about the world and the events that occur in the world etc, etc.

Through prayer, we open the channel that helps us heal the shit that holds us back. Through prayer, you are able to surrender the stresses, the fears, the anxiety, as well as your desired manifestations, to be handled and taken care of by God. And then, a miracle occurs. A healing occurs. These things that you fear or that plague you, in time, are healed from your mind. And what happens when you heal the mind? You HEAL YOUR LIFE!

Practice Two: Meditation

Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen. Buddha said it best: “Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.”

Being dependent on yourself only, and trying to live this life all by yourself…well, it’s really shitty isn’t it? Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Avocado toast and matcha lattes. It can be pretty dang hard sometimes. Meditation makes your life easier because it connects you to the part of you that came from your Creator. This is super important! This is how we can hear the little messages that our Highest Self and God are trying to give us.

By having such an awesome relationship with your Higher Power, that you develop and strengthen through meditation, you can connect with It, and receive guidance and “downloads” that will change your life.

You don’t have to know your purpose in life or how to make your dreams come true. You just have to be an open CHANNEL to receive the guidance on what to say, what to do, and where to go. This is called being “in-spirit” or inspiration. When you are this open channel, you will be inspired and guided on what kind of action to take, or where to go and so on.

The more you are consistent with your meditation practice, the more that little voice in your head becomes stronger and wiser, and you’ll go about your life feeling secure, feeling safe and feeling like you’re taken care of because you will no longer feel alone. Like you’re doing life by yourself and just hoping things work out. It’s an amazing and incredible feeling! Plus, life changes when you take inspired action. Instead of forcing shit to happen, you will be motivated and inspired and that action that you take, that you were guided to take from God, will CHANGE.YOUR.LIFE!

One morning, my ego said "be productive. Get shit done. Werk, werk, werk bitch." But after my meditation, I couldn't get motivated to work. The idea of jumping on my computer didn't feel good. Instead, I felt so inspired and so energized to go for a walk. So I did. And after 2 miles of walking, I met my now fiancé. He's a contractor and was working on a house, and my dog went to sniff his dog and like that, we met. I didn't have to force anything to meet him. I didn't have to go on Tinder or create a bunch of dating profiles. I simply followed the inspiration and went for my walk and there he was, the love of my life. A crazy and amazing and hilarious dude that I cannot wait to marry.

He is my perfect match. I wanted love in my life and so I let God guide us together, instead of FORCING myself to go out on a bunch of dates and trying to control shit. I opened myself up to God's guidance through prayer, I meditated to help me be patient and feel connected to God, and then I took inspired action :)

Practice Three: Extend What You Want To Receive

Extending is just another word for creating. According to ACIM, God extended himself and created us- you and me- in His likeness. Which means, we are co-creators of our lives. We have the exact same powers of creation that God has since we were made like Him. (Or Her. Remember, it’s just a damn title, don’t get hung up on it.) Having this power of extension is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC news! It means we can extend into our lives what we want, simply by BEING it!

You manifest into your life that which you already are. So when we're coming from a place of anxiety, or scarcity, or anger, or judging someone, or hating someone, or resentment, or fear, we are manifesting more of that.

What you already are, extends into the world, and you attract more into your life that matches that extension.

I was just having this conversation with my fiancé. He wants to manifest more work and financial stability, and I was like “dude, you are NOT going to attract more work and money into your life, because what you are right now is a hot stress case! You get more of what you ARE. You can’t be a match for good, when you’re in this mental shitstorm, worried and stressed out. You have to change your state of being.”

If you’re wondering HOW you change your state of being, that’s what prayer and meditation are for. Through prayer and meditation, we change our state. We change what we are. Prayer and meditation are two tools that God uses to heal our mind, which heals our being. By implementing the first two practices, you can then do practice number three and step into what it is you truly want to create in your life. See how these three steps all go hand in hand?

Whatever you already are, it shines out into the world and you attract more of that and in this day and age, what are most of us putting out there? We’re stressed right? Most of us feel anxiety, or depression, or worry. Most of us are in some form of fear. Anything negative is fear. If you’re worried about how you’re going to pay your bills, stressing out about getting married or having babies, anxiety over being broke or your body...it’s all FEAR. Most of us are in some form of FEAR. That’s what we are in. That’s the energy we are in and since it’s what we are, we extend that shit into the world and get more of it.

This is the reason a lot of our manifestations are completely fucked up or not happening or are not coming into our lives. It's because we're coming from a place of being broken. We are coming from a place of being hurt, we're coming from a place of pain. We're coming from a place of scarcity, we are coming from a place of FEAR!

You create more of what you ARE!

So the key here to manifesting what you desire is to change what you are, change your state of being. And again, you do this by using prayer and meditation to connect with your Higher Power and have Him (or Her) heal your mind where all your fears and worries live. That is the power of those two steps and as you heal and heal, you’ll feel better and better and be able to do practice three and extend more into this world what you truly want.

I extend peace, love, and joy, every single day. And so my life is filled with peace, love, and joy. It’s that simple. Whenever I lose my peace, or shit happens that messes me up, I return to prayer and meditation to heal me. That simple homeskillet!

The only requirement here is that you SHOW UP for these practices and implement them. Practice one and two require your effort, practice three is a natural side effect from practice one and two.

Alright friend, that's all for now! Thank you so so much for reading!

Now I want to hear from you.

Send me an email at connie@connieandrea.com and let me know what you think! I’m spending tomorrow catching up on emails and messages so be patient with me. I will get to you for sure! :)

With love & gratitude,
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