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A 10-minute manifesting ritual, to create a prosperous and joyful 2021. This is a 7-step powerful morning ritual that sets you up to receive everything you want in life. 
My life has been far from perfect. I was living with PTSD from child abuse and one day I realized I couldn't change the past, but I didn't need to keep letting it rob me of my present and future...
​I’ve gone through REAL suffering. The hell that I went through as a child and young adult, turned out to be a blessing as an author and coach. I have so much compassion for whatever you may be feeling and going through, but because I’ve suffered so much, I have a bigger and grander perspective that allows me to EASILY believe in you and your ability to manifest all that you want.  

And so here I am, using my past, the obstacles I had to overcome, and my experience with abuse to show you that you too, can manifest the life of your dreams.
You can settle for whatever life throws at you, or you can step up, take control and intentionally create and receive what you really want in your life. “To let life happen to you is irresponsible. To create your day is your divine right.” ― Ramtha
I 100% credit my amazing life to my simple, yet super effective morning manifesting ritual.
When we sleep, all attraction and resistance stops which means every morning, we are born again. (Even if you can't open your eyes until that first sip of caffeinated gold!)
This clarity makes mornings the perfect time to set the stage for manifesting only what you really want. 
Whether it’s more money, a successful business, new and like-minded friends, a loving relationship, amazing health—Become A Master Attractor book and journal is your 10-minute ticket to manifesting like the masters.  
Become a Master Attractor
In this book, I guide you step-by-step through the 7 most powerful manifesting principle in existence. I lay down exactly how to use this ritual to manifest anything you want. This is the best of the best for becoming a manifesting master, and setting yourself up to receive all that you want.    

This book will teach you how to...
Have Whatever You Want- In 10 minutes a Day.
If  you don’t have the money, health, relationships, success, fun, and ease you desire, it’s because you haven’t taken the time to do the steps that manifests  what you really want. 

But with the Become A Master Attractor book and  journal, you can do this in just 10 minutes! You'll be perfectly primed and set up to create, attract, and receive whatever you desire! 
Let go of the daily bullshit that's keeping you from Living Your Dream Life. 
I’ve suffered real traumas -- bullshit was not going to fix my life -- I needed that something that works for life’s REAL problems.

And that’s what this book and journal are ALL ABOUT! 

I will teach you my ultra powerful tool  that will help you release any anxiety, negativity, fear, and worries, so you can become free to align with your dreams.

Once you are free, that alignment comes quickly, and the manifestation that you desire is not far behind.

Fast-track your manifestations.
I spent too  much of my life suffering. I don't want to waste another minute. I get the feeling you are  a lot like me. Everything I teach you in this book, puts you on the fast track to manifest what you desire. No waiting needed!

From the moment you put pen to paper you will start to FEEL GOOD and that feeling begins the attraction process! The results are INSTANT! 
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email support
I am so appreciative of your faith in my book, that I want to help you feel secure. With your purchase, you can email me your questions and comments and I will be there to help!
I am currently in-studio recording the audiobook version. Yay! You will get this for free as soon as it is released! You'll be able to listen to these powerful principles on the go. Repetition makes you a master. 
All book and journal updates will be sent to you, at no extra cost. 
You have a choice, just like I did. You can keep tolerating your current circumstances...


You can commit to taking a few minutes every morning to create a massive shift in your life with this super fun, yet crazy powerful step-by-step ritual. 
Money Back  guarantee   if You are not 100% satisfied.
I'm not here to make anyone's life harder. 

If you buy the book, realize it's not for you, just shoot my team an email at connie@connieandrea.com and they will refund your money, no questions asked. Just a big ol' "Thank you for trying it out, here's your refund" and we carry on being friends =)
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